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Conferencing Solutions

As the center for important business meetings,

your boardroom should

have the best technology available.

We offer audio conferencing solutions and provide

video content display

from any computer

or mobile device

onto large screen TV's and

projector screens.

With a user friendly touch screen device, your presentation can be smooth and seamless.


 The IT team at Electronic Interiors offers

virtualization solutions

covering specific data

center tasks,


server virtualization,

virtual desktop solutions, network, and

data storage. 


Due to the sheer number of connected devices, the quality of your network

depends on

thoughtful design

and execution

with wired and wireless solutions to provide a robust, fast, and reliable internet connection. 

Voice Over IP

Business have come to recognize the value

and benefits of VOIP over traditional telecom carriers.

For business applications,

the traditional on-premise phone system is becoming obsolete. We can set up

a VOIP system that is cost effective, scalable, and allow users to be more mobile.

Commercial Audio Video
& Lighting

A great design for your restaurant, bar, office space,

or house of worship includes maximizing the audio video experience and accent lighting to suit your needs.

Video displays

and digital signage communicate messages,

share advertisement,

or display menus

while custom lighting accents merchandise

or sets the scene.

 IT Consulting

As well as setting up new IT applications for your business, Electronic Interiors troubleshoots and maintains your existing systems and network, offering monthly service packages tailored to your business needs.

Featured Projects

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